Supplying professional residential and commercial painting services across Melbourne for over a decade.

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Rinnova Painting has been providing high quality commercial and residential painting services in Melbourne for over 10 years, building a strong reputation based on efficiency and professionalism under owner Nik Terrnova’s leadership.

Nik first established Rinnova Painting with the goal to provide commercial and residential painting services within his family’s local area, which has quickly expanded to servicing the Greater Melbourne metro area.

From day one, Nik set out to create a company that was focused on providing high levels of customer service, ensuring his clients were comfortable at every stage of each project. That commitment to service and efficiency has led Rinnova Painting to become a leading supplier of both commercial and residential painting services across Melbourne, with long-standing commercial relationships with a number of real estate agencies and property developers.

Nik’s passion for providing professional painting services continues to guide the company’s sucess, as we look to further expand the Rinnova Painting brand while maintaining the high levels of service and professionalism that our team is known for.


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Our values

At Rinnova Painting, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality painting services with efficiency. Our expert team of residential and commercial painters always apply the professional touch to each of our services, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout each project.

Professional service

We deliver all of our painting services with efficiency and professionalism, working to ensure you're comfortable with every step of our painting services. Our team avoids mistakes by working carefully and ensuring that their working environment is a tidy space to help avoid interruptions to your project.

Tailored solutions

We will work with you during the initial consultation to determine the requirements of your project and can make recommendations that help your building shine. From residential exteriors to commercial offices and storefronts, our team will help you determine exactly what you need within your allotted budget.


Our team prides itself on meticulous attention-to-detail in every project we complete. From picking the appropriate paint through to application and finishing, we work to ensure all steps of our services are completed with care and the craft necessary to achieve the right result.

Efficient timelines

Need to make a deadline for your next painting project? Working with our team of skilled residential and commercial painters will help you avoid interruptions and costly mistakes, while still ensuring that every step of your project is completed carefully with a long-lasting finish.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Answering common questions you may have about our range of commercial and residential painting services.

General questions

Our expert team of residential and commercial painters provide services across the Melbourne metropolitian area and can provide quotes for all regions across Victoria.

Embarking on your own DIY painting venture can have its benefits, but many underestimate the expertise and time needed for a polished outcome.

Vital aspects like safety, preparation, paint selection, and cleanup are often overlooked by those attempting to finish projects themselves, time better spent allowing professional residential and commercial painters to come in and complete paintwork properly.

When taking on any project, we always start by listening to exactly what our clients need and applying our craft with the care and skill needed to achieve the best outcome.

Each project will have different requirements to achieve the best results possible, with our team able to provide flexible project timelines that can fit around your schedule. Once we have an ourline of those requirements our team will get to work, going through the below steps to ensure your residential or commercial space shines:

1. Consult: One of our painters will meet with you on site at a convenient time and will go through all of your painting service needs, including recommendations we think will help your project stand out.

2. Quote: We will provide you with a written competitive, no-hidden-cost quote with all proposed methods and materials listed.

3. Prepare and Paint: Our skilled painters will complete your painting services in a timely and tidy manner, using best practice techniques to help ensure a long-lasting result.

4. Project Handover: Rinnova Painting’s commitment to excellence includes a full project handover with you, taking you through what has been completed and insights into the best ways to protect your investment.

Project timelines vary, contingent on project size and complexity.

We will provide you with a projected timeline during our comprehensive consultation process, helping us understand exactly what your project needs and what you would like to achieve.

You can call our team today or send us an email detailing your enquiry and our team will get back to you with a project estimate to help you determine the right budget for your painting service.

Painting questions

Our skilled team can help bring to life a range of surfaces including interior and exterior walls, ceilings, trim, cabinets, and decks, helping you achieve a comprehensive transformation of your space.

Yes, our comprehensive services include repairs and patching to ensure a smooth and flawless painting surface, enhancing your space’s overall aesthetic.

Our experts will assess your project during the consultation stage and recommend the ideal paint type for your specific needs.

We also offer color consultation services to help guide you in selecting the perfect colors for your space.

Absolutely, we’ll offer recommendations to help you ensure your paint job remains vibrant and long-lasting.

We also offer touch-up services for businesses like aged care facilities, child care centres, schools and hospitals that experience high-traffic to help these commercial premises stay pristine.

Weatherproofing painting enhances durability, prevents water damage, minimises fading, and reduces maintenance costs over time. A must-have in extreme climates like the Australian summer!

We provide a range of coatings, including waterproof, UV-resistant, and elastomeric paints designed to withstand different weather conditions, from buildings in constant sun to surfaces needing to weather high humidity or moisture levels.

Services questions

We can tailor our services to fit your personal or business needs, giving your project flexibility and helping avoid any unnecessary interruptions to your day.

Our skilled team of residential and commercial painters is fully capable of working with efficiency on each project and can work with you to determine the best way to achieve the outcome you need in your desired timeline.

We always take full precautionary measures on every one of our painting projects, using drop sheets, plastic covers, and masking tape to safeguard your possessions and the surfaces you want to protect.

Our team of professional painters also take care to work carefully and tidily on every job, keeping mistakes to a minimum and spaces clean both during and after the project’s completion.

Our residential and commercial painters all follow strict safety protocols, using appropriate equipment and practices to ensure a secure work environment.

Pricing discrepancies in any contractor-based services is common, with quality often hinging on thoroughness and attention to detail.

Our comprehensive quotes outline inclusions, aiding fair price comparisons based on preparation, coats, and finishing quality. Avoid rushed jobs, mistakes and costly re-paints by trusting Rinnova Painting’s team of painting professionals.

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