Checklist for hiring a professional painter for your next project

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Do you need to hire a professional painter for your next commericial or residential project? Finding the right company to manage your project can be difficult, with variations in estimates, timelines and experience levels all coming into consideration. You’ll also be looking to hire a reliable and efficient trades provider, but how do you do that before you hire your painter?

Our professional painter checklist will give you insight into what to look out for when selecting a company for your next project, including verying if they’re a reputable company and the best ways to ensure you finish with the right result for your paintwork. Follow these steps and do your research and you’ll find yourself on the road to painting sucess!

Step #1: Research Professional Painters In Your Area

Finding local professional painters in your area should be your first step in this process, either by searching online or contacting your own personal network to see if they’ve had any positive recent experiences with painting companies. If someone within your network has had that positive experience on a previous project, this can be a great starting point as you have a verified review of the services the company provides.

But you don’t have to limit that network to your personal circle. There are many sources of online reviews for trades-based businesses and many of them, including Rinnova Painting, have multiple platforms that you can cross-reference to build an understanding of what the company provides and the manner in which they carry out each task.

From popular platforms like Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews, to service-specific sources like HiPages and OneFlare, there are a number of ways you can research these service providers and gain an understanding of exactly who you could potentially be working with. Having publically viewable reviews online is also a great show of integrity for trades businesses, showing that their willing to put their reputation on the line for the excellent services they provide.

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Step 2: Obtain Multiple Estimates And Contact Them Directly

Now that you have your list of verified painting companies, its time to obtain some painting estimates and compare exactly what is included in each quote. To get these quotes, you should always contact the company directly and give them insight into exactly what you’re looking to do with your painting project.

You don’t want to end up with a cookie-cutter solution that doesn’t fit your needs, or with extra services that don’t align with your budget. Being able to talk directly with your provider will help build that understanding for both client and services provider, allowing them to accurately estimate what services they need to provide.

A standard estimate should include labor, materials, prep work details, the number of coats required and a timeline for the project’s completion. Ideally you should look for a painter that balances costs, efficiency and finishing quality effectively, ensuring that your allocated budget is spent appropriately on a timeline that suits your needs. Once you’ve researched these businesses, discussed your project directly and gathered multiple quotes, compare the options they provide and select the company that you think will complete outstanding paintwork for your home or business! But the checklist doesn’t stop there.

Step 3: Consider The Need For Ongoing Paint Maintenance

It can be easy to think that once your initial painting project is complete that the work is done. But this is often not the case, particularly for building exteriors and commericial businesses that experience high-foot traffic.

Over time, weather elements, customers or even family members can chip away and damage the work you’ve had done, which can be frustrating while you’re managing your business or renovating your home. Accidents and bad weather cannot be prevented, but you can get ahead of these incidents by enquring as to whether your painting company has ongoing paint maintenance services. 

From touch-ups to graffiti-prevention, paint maintenance services can help ensure your space stays shining all-year around, re-coating your surfaces on a quarterly, annual or even bi-annual basis. Instead of worrying about weather damage in sensitive areas or scuff marks on walls or flooring, you’ll have someone on hand that can ensure your space maintains its appearance, the way it was when your first project was completed.

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Following the above checklist will help ensure that you find a painter for your next project, one that has a reputation for providing efficient and professional painting services. Here at Rinnova Painting, we’ve developed exactly that, building a reputation over the past 10 years for cost-effective and timely projects.

Our team of professional painters will work with you to determine exactly what you need both in the short and long-term, and provide an estimate that appropriately reflects your project requirements.

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